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Food Safety

Is a Public Health Issue

We provide you with practical, affordable, results driven solutions for your business. Good for your business and your educated customers!

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve consistency and continuity by practicing good manufacturing habits and practices that evolve in to solid Critical Success Drivers (CSD's)

Forward Thinking

We strongly believe in adhering to federal, state & county food safety guidelines, alleviating any opportunity for a recall or bad press. We provide recall and traceability protocols. Recalls Cost Money, Reputation, Time, Sales Creditability,  Customers and Capacity

Experts In Their Field

Our Food Safety Specialists are National Environmental Health (NEHA) Registered  Environmental Health Specialists, Sanitarians With Certifications in HACCP for Manufacturers, Retail, Processors and Training

Nutrition Facts 

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  Arizona Food Safety Specialists, LLC.

Meet Our Team Leader and Food Safety Expert 

Our lead food safety and environmental health specialist, Karen Jorgensen Kornman has over 37 years Food Safety experience:

  • QA Plant Manager
  • FDA Process Authority
  • ​NEHA* HACCP Manager Processors/Manufacturers
  • Pima County, Arizona, Environmental Health Specialist
  • University of Arizona:
  • Food Safety, Food Science, Food Law, Food Processing and Food Toxicology (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Nutritional Sciences)
  • FDA Better Process Control School 23 years at The University of Arizona

​​*National Environmental Health Association